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What is a Developmental Editor? An Interview with M.S. Wordsmith

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Breaking from the format of “Quick Editing Tips,” I interview fiction developmental editor M.S. Wordsmith (aka Mariëlle S. Smith) about her job. If you’ve ever wondered how a developmental editor can help you turn your story from so-so to so amazing, listen to this episode.

Mariëlle and I digitally met as a result of the Smarter Artist Editor Facebook group, which is an offshoot group of the Smarter Artist Facebook group, which itself is an offshoot of Sterling & Stone’s Self-Publishing Podcast.

We cover:

  • What is a developmental editor?
  • What is the difference between a developmental editor and a copyeditor?
  • What should indie authors on a budget do when it comes to editing?
  • What’s a common frustration of being a developmental editor?
  • What does Mariëlle like best about her job working with writers?
  • Does Mariëlle work with American authors?
  • What’s the process for hiring Mariëlle to perform developmental editing on your manuscript?

Mariëlle and I had not spoken at length about her answers prior to recording, and I can admit to some trepidation not knowing how she should answer some of my questions. So I was thrilled when I found myself vigorously nodding my head to each of her answers. Mariëlle is a professional who wants to help authors, and, after speaking to her on this topic, I heartily recommend her developmental editing services.

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